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Earthbound: My Experience - by bluecow

Earthbound: My Experience

I’ve been thinking about writing this for a while now, ever since the Earthbound Funktastic Gameplay Summer 2003 started, to be exact. This article is about my introduction to Earthbound and the reason that I, and I’m sure many of you, love it. I’m sure this topic has been done before, and I doubt that many of you really care about me so this is your warning.

I first played Earthbound at my friend’s house when I was still a small lad. I was invited to his house to play some games one day and I had no idea that years later I would hang out on a message board devoted to a game I would first play there. We played a little SNES and then we decided to give Earthbound a spin. I remember that I really loved it, the way that a kid like us was on an adventure to save the world. We played Earthbound a lot and eventually beat it but I never got tired of it. Eventually, my friend moved away and I didn’t play Earthbound for years, but when asked what my favorite game was, I always came back to it.

Of course the story can’t end there. One day a friend told me he had downloaded some SNES games from the Internet. This got my attention and I immediately downloaded Earthbound. Even though it isn’t as good as playing on your TV I loved playing Earthbound again. It all came back to me, the modern setting, the regular kid on an adventure, and the quirky sense of humor. I ended up on one day and looked it over, surfed the forums for a while, and read some articles. It quickly became my favorite site and I lurked on the forums for a long time, but it was eventually pushed to the back of my mind, and then forgotten due to school and real life.

This summer I ended up on again. I was bored and remembered the awesome forums. I began to lurk on the forums again and eventually joined. Then, years after I first played Earthbound with my friend I played through it in the Earthbound Funktastic Gameplay. This was probably my fourth time through but what was really cool was that there were other Earthbound fans playing too. I guess the point of this article was just to thank the community for a great time playing Earthbound and to share my experiences. Anyhow, I hope you liked my article and I hope to have a lot more good times on

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