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Why, Nintendo, Why? -Part 2- - by icEFusioN

Why, Nintendo, Why? -Part 2-

Hello users of the online internet world wide web at http colon slash slash www dot starmen dot net! It is I, icEFusioN, returning with, something I never had an intention of writing, the sequel to my first article, "Why, Nintendo, Why?"

As Falcon24 had put the new articles section up I was browsing through it and saw my first one. I read through it and read about how Nintendo wanted to change it from the previous wacky goofy flying couch style of the original Mother series.

Now, in the year 2000, we have found out that Earthbound 64/Mother 3 is NOT going to be changed to alienate fans, it's been changed to alienate everybody! More specifically, cancelled! So, let's analyze this, shall we? (Mwhahahaha.)

Nintendo's reasoning behind cancellation, apparently, was because it was too hard to get to work, and/or they had more important things to do. The first reason, I think is complete and utter crap. Now, I don't see how making a 3D game, which they have done plenty of before, could be so hard. They made 2 Zelda games within 2 years! I don't buy that reason.

The second reason they had was they had more important things to work on. Which is true, I suppose. GameCube, Game Boy Advance, Pokemon, other games, more Pokemon. BUT, they wouldn't have had this problem if they had just got on with it and finished EB64! We've sent them numerous petitions, one of which was just recently with a little over 10,000 signatures on it, and what do we get out of it? "Check out Hey, you! Pikachu! In stores now! Also don't forget to subscribe to Nintendo Power."

I don't really have much else to say, but hopefully, Nintendo has a few more aces up their sleeve, such as EarthBound. So if this ends up like it is currently going, nowhere, they will have NO SALES of Earthbound 64.

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