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Somewhat pluggish - by Zinco

Somewhat pluggish

When I went into #starmen today, I was asked a hard-hitting soon after I entered. Someone asked, “Zinco, what is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?” And I ignored him, because Monty Python references get tiresome after a while.

Anyway, I’m an author. This may come as a surprise to those of you who, well, didn’t know that. What am I an author to, you ask? Well, the answer is simple, and rather boring if I don’t give some background first. Now, I’m sure many of you are familiar with SLing’s infamous Survivor, a poorly drawn comic festival in which about ten regulars are what I assume is an island, and he makes them go on adventures. Well, not really anymore because he never updates, but that’s not the point. Anyway, I went to the forums for his Survivor lampoon one day, and suggested an idea based on the sleazy new Fox show, Temptation Island. (For the slow, the idea was Temptation Island.) Later, I talked to SLing about his second edition of Survivor, and he said it probably wasn’t going to be a comic, and that he would write it textually instead. Then I got to thinking: Do blondes have more fun? And what if I were to write Temptation Island myself?

Discussing the matter with some of the people I knew on IRC, I started to go to #starmen to take notes, and get a good idea of some of the regulars. The main thing was that I needed was an even number of males and females, and was a bit surprised to find ten of each, although I delved into the non-regular females in order to match up the number of guys, which there fortunately seemed to be no limit to. I also drew on several well known character traits that #starmen people showed, and also got ideas from the people I tended to hang around with. For some of the people I didn’t know, I had to make up some things to keep it interesting, of course, but other than that, I think that it all turned out rather well. After a hefty deal of notes and ideas, I typed up the first episode of Temptation Island, and sent it to people upon request. Fortunately for me, people were interested in this whole thing, so I was able to get it spread fairly quickly. Shortly after I sent it, people started telling me how much they liked it, which surprised me, as the story seemed fairly lowbrow. So I kept writing the episodes, and after the third one, PsychoDude was kind enough to host them on his website without my permission, which I later gave.

Later, when I was writing more episodes, Psycho and others told me than certain people were not happy with my story. Ah, I thought, my story is gaining recognition. Yes, I was happy about this, believe it or not. And these people, who will remain nameless, were very unhappy with my portrayal of their characters. I could see their point, except when one of them asked me to edit him and the other guy out, at which point I figured they just simply couldn’t take a joke. All of the other people I had made fun of in the story so far seemed rather pleased with the results. I started to become curious as to what everyone thought after a while, though. So I decided to go into #starmen regularly again, wondering how the people I made fun of reacted as a whole. I was approached by fans a few times, and I was always flattered, but I still wanted to know what the actual characters felt, all of them. I asked reid about it once, and he had never heard of it. I considered going on down the line asking people, but I decided that they would probably be a little unhappy with my intrusiveness, and waited for them to come to me. Apparently, the two guys were in the minority, other people I talked to seemed to enjoy the story very much, even if I had them in rather horrible situations that I won’t describe here.

Still, though, I’m curious as to what all the others think, because there are lots of people I haven’t heard from. You must tell me what you think of the story, people!

In any case, this whole ordeal has so far been a very interesting way to see the true personalities of the people I write about. seems to have a lot of great people behind it, but some people just don’t seem that friendly at all.

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