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Earthbound 64 and Mother 3 - by Jim

Earthbound 64 and Mother 3

If you go to Tomato's old web site, Mother 2 to Earthbound and Back Again, you'll see most of the things that were changed when Mother 2 was being translated. Some of those changes were just a waste of time. One thing that was changed was the name of the Topolla Theater. In Mother 2, it was Topollo. I don't know why they changed it. I think it's a waste of time and I actually like Topollo better. Another pointless change was the cross on hospitals getting changed. In Mother 2, there were red crosses on hospitals. There are no red crosses on the hospitals in Earthbound. Some of the changes were made because of cultural differences. In Fourside, the museum's owner is Mr. Spoon. But in Mother 2, he's Mr. Ricebowl. And some changes were made to make parents happy. In Mother 2, Ness is nude in the Magiciant. He's wearing pajamas in Earthbound. In Mother 2, there's some alcohol. But in Earthbound, that alcohol is replaced with coffee.

Will Earthbound 64 be changed as much as Earthbound was? I don't think it should be. They've already delayed Earthbound 64 enough. I don't think it should be delayed more than it should be so they can change the crosses at the top of hospitals. If they need to get rid of the alcohol for Earthbound 64 to get a E rating, that's fine with me but I don't think it's necessary to change the name of a theater because they think it sounds better. Topollo isn't a bad word. You don't hear people saying "I hate you, you TOPOLLO!!" Changing the name of a theater probably won't do anything to the rating and won't change the game play.

Earthbound will not be the same as Mother 3 except in English. There will be some changes, but hopefully, these changes won't cause any more delays.

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