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Do They Ever Get Tired? - by LiarXAgerate

Do They Ever Get Tired?

Hello, and welcome to my sophomore article, Do They Ever Get Tired? I originally thought of this back when I was interested in EarthBound 64--when it was a true sequel--but that's for another article.

Have you ever noticed that in most games, the characters never get tired? I mean, they're able to walk for hundreds of miles without ever stopping to rest! Back when EB64 was a 64DD game, the plan was to include a real-time clock feature, so that if you turned it on late one Saturday night, it would be night in the game's world. The same thing would happen if you sneaked in a few minutes before school.

Now wouldn't it be great if the characters would have to go to an inn and rest at night? This would add a whole new dimension to gameplay, making time a factor in how you play the game.

Say you were trying to get to an area of the world far away from where you were. You would have to plot your course early, making sure you could rest at the end of each day. Although this would make the game harder, it would add a whole new kind of strategy needed to complete it, adding hours to the game.

Will they add this? Maybe, although the limited space of the cartridge format would probably prevent it. But hey, can't a guy dream?

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