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The Occasional Jeb - 10.2.00 - by Jeb2

The Occasional Jeb - 10.2.00

1 year ago this year, I finally showed my face to the community. I had been a long time visitor but I just never went to #earthbound or the forums, until that day. I was so excited to be a part of the snazzy looking forum with the blue on blue design. The icons are what amazed me the most. I posted under the alias "Mr.T" and I had a hard time with editting and all that, but PSI322 is who I remember most, she helped me.

Soon I switched to my other alias I used, Jeb2 which I still use to this day. I became good on the forums and into the community. I remember seeing the pumpkin Giygas on the logo, and I thought that was so cool. Through the many design changes and watching staffers come and go, I began to make a lot of friends. Probably the person I remember most, was Picky, my frist real EB community friend.

Then came Nesu, and EBaholic, and Svbman, and Frieza (at that time Fritz42), and the list keeps going on. I hung out with Kyosuke a lot and he said I was assistant material so he hired me as the fluke assistant. After he sort of left, reidman appointed me as chief fluke maintainer.

Now I am articles guy and well things are a bit slow, so thats why I'm writing this article, to encourage people to write more, and talk about old times, when you first came to the communuity. Talk about how you saw the fat Pokey crudely draw by Worker and Parasite on the sidebar as the Halloween Funfest took place, when you first became social in the community. Talk about how the blue on blue design looked like vomit with Netscape...

Until next time when I post The Occasional Jeb, Jebba out!

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