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EB64: Did We Kill It? - by LiarXAgerate

EB64: Did We Kill It?

very EarthBound fan who hasn't been locked in their own basement since August probably has heard at least two to three hundred times why EB64 got the axe. Lack of time, Gamecube, development problems, oversized squirrels overthrowing the Japanese government, etc. However, I think their might have been something else contributing to the game being thrown into the great can in the sky, where mistakes like Sonic Xtreme, the M2, and the thirty million unsold copies of "ET" live. Could it be...Sat--er, us, the EB fans?

"Poppycock!" I imagine you're saying right now. "How could we have loaned the money EB64 used to buy the farm? Plus, I liked ET!" Well, here's how, Mr. Person! If you'll remember, way back when the 64DD wasn't followed by insane laughter, You Are Now EarthBound was the major EB site, and Buzz-Buzz wasn't crazy, we didn't always know that EB64 wasn't a direct sequel. So when we did, all...well, stuff broke loose. Although some of the people were smart enough to accept it and continue to support the game, many-a-folk, including me, went mad. Of course, eventually, people realized that since Itoi is a genius, the game would be good anyway. But, was the damage already done?

In my opinion, probably. If you were making a game, you were having problems with the development, and all of a sudden a bunch of sites pan it, would you really be that motivated? Hopefully, the petition will prove that we want it, but until then, I do believe that we are part of the reason. Boy, do I hope I'm wrong on this one.

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