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Petitions: The Trilogy - by Jakob Dorof

Petitions: The Trilogy

This article is sort of a petition guide, my opinion on each petition, and things related to the aforementioned aspects.

The GameBoy Color Mother 1 Petition
This petition was to tell Nintendo that it had numerous fans that wanted Mother 1 on the GBC. The petition's grand total of signatures turns out to be a mere 1,850. However, at the time, reidman seemed quite pleased with the amount, with a shocking 70 signatures in one day. However, the petition didn't even warrant a response from Nintendo until Project Ruffini, which was an attempt to get Nintendo to realize that EB still has a thriving fan-base. The response was more or less an advertisement for EarthBound 64, which was actually still on schedule at the time. Overall, the petition was a failure.

The EarthBound 64 Petition
Merely a year after the previous petition, Nintendo cancelled EB64. EarthBound fans everywhere were devastated by the announcement, and jumped to the scene immediately. The petition was created, and over the course of several months, mustered up an impressive 10,013 signatures. Compare this to the 1,850 that the GBC petition received, and you'll notice just how much more the had grown in just a year. Svb_man's letter to Tips and Tricks, which was printed, helped out quite a bit, as well. With hundreds of dollars and countless hours put into the project, the EB community knew that the petition would at least get a response from Nintendo. However, Nintendo once again remained un-phased by the crew’s efforts. After being pestered for a response, Nintendo gave an unexciting response. The second, relatively huge petition was also a failure.

The Mother 3 Petition
This is the current petition for Mother 3. This petition asks for Nintendo to make M3 for either the GCN or the GBA. At this very moment, the petition has generated a massive 10,000+ signatures. However, the goal is much more than that, a whopping 30,000 signatures. However, we are merely in the early stages of the petition. News of the efforts has reached websites such as, generating thousands of signatures. These numbers are quite impressive considering it started less than a week ago. What happens if the signatures stop building up soon? We’ll go into the next stage, going door to door with clipboards for signatures. Messages will be given to friends, posted in schools, and even placed on phone polls, etc. Can we reach the 30,000? Certainly. Will Nintendo even respond? That’s a different story.

If none of the present efforts amount to anything, another petition may be in the cards for something a bit more feasible. For example, Mother 2 on GBA would be much easier for Nintendo, and would nearly guarantee them a quick buck. However, who knows? We'll just have to wait and see.

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