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HELLO BOSTON! I just flew here from Ohio, and BOY ARE MY ARMS TIRED!!! Okay, that was lame. No more stand up comedy for me. Anyways, I'm Jeff7, your friendly neighborhood karate freak. This is my first article, and I'm more than happy to be writing it, and I hope to keep writing, and seeing you each time. Also, I'd love feedback, just don't send me spam. I hate spam, you hate spam, spam spam spam. There is no Mister Spam. Anyways, I better stop procrastinating, start writing, and think of a title. This article is about meeting people on-line at, meeting them in real life, and my own experiences.

Okay, lets start out with the meeting of people on You meet a lot of people surfing online, be it chat, forums, IM, yahoo messenger, etc. etc. However, were does fall? It isn't just chat, forums, sometimes IM, and maybe (Not sure) yahoo messenger, it's a community, a town square of sorts, that lets EarthBound freaks from many places, be them seeing Ness in SSB, or SSB:M, or someone who has beaten the game countless times, to someone who creates such a website. Either way, we all have our own reasons for visiting Some of us join the bandwagon, and just fade out, slowly. Others, like myself, aren't big contributors, but you see us posting allot on the forums, with some good comments. is also a place to talk about other stuff, including life (I STILL haven't figured out what the 42 thing means) and other games. Some of us forget others have real lives, and get upset because of this, but like a lost brother seen only once, you are always rejoiced to see them come back. Before I go on to the next section, I wish to comment on the treatment of some of the new people in the community. They are often disliked for bad grammar, possible age, and insulting people because they insulted them. First, the grammar. Some people have trouble typing, and others have no excuse. Next, age. I every now and then see, "I bet (s)he's twelve or thirteen" I have this to say. I'M twelve years old. So, you are basically saying all twelve/thirteen year olds are immature. I don't see this too. often though. I won't bore you with the last one, as it's basically, "Treat others how you want to be treated" Many people however are very respectful to new people, and thats good.

Alright, I've strayed too far from the topic. I don't know much about meeting other Starmen.netters in real life. It seems, though, from the convention, it's very, VERY hectic.

Finally, I arrive on my own adventures. I have been here for almost two years now, since July '00, as Jeff1. I've joined IF's, murmured about EB sequel rumours, joined in with serious topics on General Discussion, talked about new video games on Beyond EarthBound, discussed about on, and many other things. I've loved every moment too. I, as well have a real life. Every day though, I come to I remember, I joined before Easy Trivia closed (Never won either), seen the creation of the I'm new/leaving/back, and Fan Forum Forums. With others, it seems I've been here a long, time, but I haven't. I hope to stay for a long while.

Your friendly neighborhood karate freak,
Jeff7, formerly known as Jeff1

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