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A History Lesson from Mr. Nostalgia - by LiarXAgerate

A History Lesson from Mr. Nostalgia

As I see more newbies appear on SM.Net forums and #starmen, more and more questions are asked about EarthBound.Net and Moonside.Net, and plenty of other strange thingummies that have occured over this site's history. As it gets relatively tedious constantly explaining and explaining over and over, I decided to set down what I remember in lovely article form. Here it is, everything you ever wanted to know about the beginnings of EarthBound.Net, but were too afraid to ask.

Once upon a time, when Ms. Saturn owned one of the premier websites and some guy named reidman was webmaster of a growing, You are Now EarthBound, a character by the name of Buzz Buzz started www.EarthBound.Net. Reid and someone named "Tomato" were quickly recruited, and after Buzzy left for the army, the familiar blue on blue sidebarred layout premiered, and the forums grew past a remarkable 40 viewers.

Fast forward a year or so. EB.Net is booming. #eb regularly has 30+ visitors, the forums are almost perpetually posted on, and sections like Flukes and Funktastic Gameplay Summers add an original twist. But around February 2000, Buzzy came back, and in a very courteous extension of friendship offered everyone a week to get out of his domain. You see, he wanted something where everyone got to update, and no one was in a higher position level than anyone else. Of course, as the Soviet Union so kindly proved, those ideas look much better on paper, or in a 3D Virtuachat(!)

So after a quick poll, Starmen.Net edged out, among other possible domain names, and reid moved the site over. And here we are.

Other Submissions by LiarXAgerate

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LiarXAgerate A While Ago: Chapter 1
Chapter 1 of an Earth Bound novel. The boy deals with a poltergeist and goes to town.
11/5/11 0.00
LiarXAgerate A While Ago: Prologue
Prologue to an Earth Bound novel. It talks about what happened a long time ago, with George and Maria and everybody else.
11/5/11 0.00
LiarXAgerate Don't Tamper: Chapter Four
An EarthBound noir.
9/4/06 0.00
LiarXAgerate Don't Tamper: Chapter Three
An EarthBound noir.
9/4/06 0.00
LiarXAgerate Don't Tamper: Chapter Two
An EarthBound noir.
9/4/06 0.00


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