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Visions Of the Future - by EBFan2000

Visions Of the Future

Hello everybody. I'm back once again. This time, the article will be about my visions for the future (hence the name). What does this mean? Well, you'll find out.

Now first of all, who here hasn't complained on the way the ggraphics look in the Earthbound 64 screenshots? I agree, it shouldn't look like that. RPGs that are played at the same view as a platform game do not work. So, how should it look? It should have a 3D backround in it, with 2D characters in the forground, and the view should be at the same level as Earthbound. It sounds so simple. And so many other RPGs from Playsttion have done it and worked out. So why couldn't it work on an RPG from Nintendo.

Now for my other vision. Just think if EB64 would turn out to be a success. Then maybe there would be another sequal. And then that could be a success and there would be another. Hey what do you know, it would be a series. And then we wouldn't have to bug Nintendo for more Earthbound games. Just think, ten years from now, we could be awaiting an EB VIII. The series would be more famous than Final Fantasy. Hey it's possible.

Well now I will sign off. See you next time.

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