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EricBound's PPTWP - by EricBound

EricBound's PPTWP

EricBound's Pictorial Picturey thing Without Pictures part 1: CPTCrunch vs. Cap'n Crunch

Hello! For my first article (the title will be shortened to EricBound's PPTWP), I would like to pit CPTCrunch(of the Crunch chronicles) against Cap'n Crunch(the annoying cerial guy). The cerial crunch will be called Cap'n, the better one will be Crunch. Let's go!

Cap'n commands a giant wave of milk towards Crunch! Bad choice, as it is engulfed. Crunch socks him in the nose. Cap'n calls it a truce!?! Don't believe it! The buzzer in Cap'n's hand shocks Crunch! Crunch takes out a holy bat and whacks the head off Cap'n! He's really a crunchling in some weird suit! Or is he? Yeah, he- NO! Cap'n attacks from behind! It was a trick! But wait! The battling Crunches are joined by an enraged Tony the Tiger! He rips Cap'ns clothes! But wait! What's this? Crunch is attacked by the Rice Krispy treat elves! What a show! Oh my God! The elves are bashed off by Paul McCartny, who is soon attacked by Elvis Presley! Suddenly, Elvis runs to the bathroom! Paul socks Cap'n! Crunch steps on the elves! Tony yells,"This fight is GRRRRRRRRREAT!" and faints from lack of oxygen. Crunch delivers the final blow, as Cap'n falls down, unconcious.

The winners are: CPTCrunch, Tony the Tiger(still unconcious), and Paul McCartny!

More strange stuff next time, seeing as CPTCrunch doesn't kill me, and Kellogs doesn't sue.

(This just in: Elvis just died on my toilet. Let us all mourn.)
PERFECT 10! The score will say 1.10, but it's actually 10.

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