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Petition Time is Now - by Eggy

Petition Time is Now

Hi People. I think this is either my first or second article on, but I guess I've got a lot of them rejected. Anyways, I'm writing now about why we should petition to Nintendo of America and Nintendo of Japan. will only have the energy (Material to stay a hardcore Earthbound Site) to last 2-4 more years. We will simply have nothing more to do with the earthbound sprites, songs, ACT, because we would have used up all the ideas. We would already have a huge chat room, and we would have finished covering all the songs about 50 times. My opinion is we are already getting a little on the weak side.

There is only one way that can be stopped, and that is to get Nintendo to make another game for the series Mother or Earthbound in America. And now is the best time, because SSB:M just came out about 2 months ago and Ness had a great role in the game. Onett and Fourside were both levels in the game, Mr. Saturn and the Homerun bat were some Earthboundy items, and a few trophies were Earthbound related. Even SSB had Ness and lots of people have that game so if we could just tell people and show them what a great game he is from. Game Boy Advance just came out and it is a good chance that EB0 or possibly earthbound could be a GBA game. They are porting a bunch of games from the SNES and NES to the GBA already, like F-Zero, and the Mario games from the NES and SNES. Also it is fairly easy to touch up and port games, so there's also a chance there. Nintendo also spent a bunch of money and time working on Mother 3 in 3d, and then dumped it, but if Earthbound gets enough attention, it would be easier to convince them to make Earthbound rather than some game they never started.

However we must remember that we a just 1% of the kids in the US, and probably not even that in Japan. We need to get the word around a teach people about Earthbound. I did it to a few kids, and it really isn't all that hard to do, because the game is so great. Also if we all start just mailing Nintendo power about Earthbound they will keep Earthbound in mind. There is also EGM that even referred curious people the, so maybe the EGM people could come and read and see how many people we are.

If your a person who wears shirts that you previously written or sketched on, Draw some Earthbound and wear it to school/work! Or for other people who don't draw and mess up their clothes, Buy Hoodies, for it will get people going to I wear my hoodie daily, they are comfterble, and cool looking. Everyone needs to participate if there is to be a new Earthbound. We will need to work hard because 30,000 signatures is a lot, but that's just about the amount it takes to convince a huge company like Nintendo. Just tie your friend to a chair and tell him to sign. It does take money to convince people to do stuff, so I suppose we will have to get some how. My suggestion to raise the money is to make new products in the store! store Rocks! We could also do donations but that might not do as well.

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