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Earthbound Zero's New Name: Breaking News - by EB 4 GBA

Earthbound Zero's New Name: Breaking News

Well, sort of breaking news. Just when I thought I'd ran out of ideas, just when I thought this article series would be thrown in the garbage can with those mouthwatering Earthbound Hamburgers, Nintendo itself throws me a life preserver. A life preserver in the form of an e-mail reply. On the morning of June 11, a thought came to my mind. A good number of us have e-mailed Nintendo for possible hints on the possibility of a U.S. release of the soon-to-be-released-in-Japan compilation, Mother 1+2. I decided to go with a different approach. Instead of blatantly asking them if and when it will be released in the U.S., I inquired when we could expect an announcement regarding a U.S. release. Here's my e-mail: "Dear Nintendo of America, It is only 8 days until the Japanese release of the remakes of Mother 1 and 2. I've been wondering for a while, when can us American Earthbound fans expect an announcement regarding whether or not these remakes will be released in the United States? Thank you for your time.

Earthbound fan Brently L."

Innocent enough, right? And yes, my real name is Brent. Nicknamed Brently by most of my friends. Well, they replied later that day. Here's a quote from the reply they sent me:

"Hello and thank you for contacting Nintendo,
To be honest, we have received many requests to bring EarthBound I & II and EarthBound III to the U.S. Although the games are being developed for the Game Boy Advance in Japan, there are no current plans to bring them to North America. You never know what the future might hold, though, so keep checking our web site ( for the latest information."

The rest of the e-mail was just the usual instructions on website use and the like. But, upon closer inspection, they called the games "Earthbound I & II and Earthbound III." Now, this could mean a couple things. Number one, it means that if they are released over here, then they'll be called just that: Earthbound I & II and Earthbound III. Or, if you look at the VERY far-fetched reason number two, perhaps they are considering a release and have already thought of names. Far-fetched, like I said, but nothing can be ruled out. I referred to the games as Mother 1+2, and they referred to them differently. Who knows. I don't. But, since I've got a series going, I figured I'd just dive right in and tell y'all what I've found. This pretty much convinces me that if Earthbound Zero is re-released over here, it'll be called Earthbound I, along with the others bearing similar names. That's enough proof for me. If anybody has any name ideas, e-mail me with them. I love ideas. Hit me with them! Anyway...this is EB 4 GBA signing off.


P.S. If you like off-the-wall games like Earthbound, look into Capcom's Viewtiful Joe, released on October 14, 2003. That game will rock, take my word for it. If I could, I'd change my article pen name to Viewtiful Brent. Can I do that?

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