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My Day in Japan - by Foppy

My Day in Japan

Last year, to my delight, I got to go to where Earthbound was born: The great country of Japan. I took a grueling 11 hour flight over to Narita Airport in Japan, where I boarded a super fast train. I spent the night in a big hotel overlooking Yokohama's harbor. I took trains to various famous landmarks which included Mt. Fuji, The Great Buddha, and some really old temples. I went to arcades, and ate lots of Japanese foods including soba, sushi, shabu-shabu (if that's how you spell it) I indulged on lots of yummy Japanese candy and chips on my visit. I also watched a little TV when I wasn't out adventuring.

I spent the day with a Japanese woman my dad knew after that. She took me to McDonald's where we ate some weird tasting burgers. She also took me to Toys R' Us. I laughed at the sight of the 'Toy's R Us' lettering in Japanese! I looked around for a while in the video games section and I asked someone if they had 'Mother' in stock. I didn't mind the fact that it would be in all Japanese. They said they had sold out. I was devastated...

Eagleland and Japan are very similar in my opinion. Onett could look like a small town in Japan. It kind of reminded me of Ness when I traveled by train and bus to my destination, and the ancient temples reminded me of Dalaam. Everything is really expensive there. The outrageously high prices reminded me of Earthbound. Japan looks like the country of the future...I just hope I can go back next year and maybe get me a little piece of Earthbound 64.

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Foppy My Day in Japan
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