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What Makes EarthBound...EarthBound? - by Nameless Dude

What Makes EarthBound...EarthBound?

There has been much talk over the subject of Earthbound 3 concerning areas such as the graphics, the gameplay, etc. That brings me to this question: What exactly are we looking for in EB3 that made the first two games what they are? Here are some possible items.

1. Graphics: Many critics regarded the Super NES game's graphics as ones fitting for the NES. In opinion, not only were the graphics of high quality, I also happened to think they were most appropriate for the storyline and setting of the game. Not saying that I am anti-3d in any way, but will the graphics in this next EB fit into the game's scheme as well as in the first ones? Which brings me to my next item...

2. Story: I think I am being perfectly honest (I hope) when I say that Earthbound offered the first truly unique approach to RPG storylines by placing players in a world fighting against Mystical Records and Annoying Party men with slingshots and psychic powers rather than swords and axes and other traditional fantasty elements associated with RPG's. Although not much has been released concerning the story (at least from what I've read), one must wonder if the same unique approach will be there.

3. Humor: Part of what made this game big in Japan was the humorous elements all throughout. Not to mention even the smallest of characters had enough quirks and personality to make them appealing (Everdread's nice guy personality despite being a gangster, The guardian moles obssesion with being 4th most powerful, even Paula's dad running around looking for his daughter when she was gone!). If feels that many RPG's are attempting to tack on personality to make them appear more interesting. Could Earthbound 3 be another victim to this? Let us hope not...

So, in conclusion, I hope this offers a different view on the matter and let us hope that EB3 does not suffer like many other RPG's these days (FFV, Xenogears, Saga Frontier...Square seems to be losing their touch after parting ways with Nintendo, huh

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Nameless Dude What Makes EarthBound...EarthBound?
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