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Destination: Imagination - by NeoPaula

Destination: Imagination

Today I went onto #smnet, and Falcon24 said something about some staff article thing. I don't really know, i was busy working on a picture of ParaPara in MS Paint. As i worked, however, i began to think of what is it i really liked about Earthbound. That's when i realized there was only one thing that was really important to me in the game: Good Characters.

Every time i play Earthbound, i think again of how wonderful it would be to live the life of Paula, Tracey, or even that crazy fishnet lady in threed. Being threatened by evil, kidnapping heros, fighting in the name of the forces of good. Even amidst all the peril, a life we want to have is nestled in the center. A life so disimilar to our own, so above the fray of every day mediocraty. Every game is designed by someone who wishes for a life of exitement, and getting inside the game helps them just a little bit in creating an adventure for themselves. As for the gamer, its just another part of a different world, where you can become the hero you've always wanted to be. Its a few hours a day when anyone can live the life of Thomas Jefferson, the mexican slot man.

PS: I finished my picture of ParaPara, and i'm still not listening to a darn thing Falcon says. Happy Staff Week, and a Merry Christmas!

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