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Enough Experience for The Next Level - by Leeman

Enough Experience for The Next Level

Every time is mentioned in EGM, there tends to be a large influx of new visitors, which, is a blessing, and a curse. The obvious blessing is that the site will get more hits, content, and some fresh faces will appear. The curse, you may ask? Well, a large influx of potential morons all making the same topics, moderators on the forums pulling their hair out, etc?

However, after the first week or two, after the said publication (EGM) has been on the shelf for a few weeks, and eventually sells out, things will quiet down again. The annoying but loveable new visitors will learn some things, and most likely make things easier for the rest of us, which brings me to my title idea?

For some, the EarthBound community is the first online community some people have ever joined, I know it was my first. When I first joined the forums I had a really lackluster EB webpage, and all I knew about the forums was that a few acquaintances I had met at a few random EB pages (Reyna, Skullrama, Cory Xdry, to name a few) posted here. So the first thing I did (before registering, without reading the rules, silly me) was make a topic saying ?hi? to all of my ?peeps.? (Okay, I never actually did say ?peeps,? thankfully.) As you can probably guess I was flamed to kingdom come by more experienced forum browsers. Reyna stepped in and was nice about it, but this was a harsh dose of experience for me to take in. However it was constructive, in a weird, degrading sort of way. I wasn?t very old at the time (12 or 13 I believe) and wasn?t very appreciative to EarthBoundAholic, who was the moderator at this point, and I believe I got in a bit of an argument with him over advertising.

However, as degrading as all of that was, it was a turning point in my social awareness online. It was a stupid move in the first place to go and not read the rules, but I was young and naive. I do appreciate those few who actually were nice about my ignorance.

What I?m trying to get at hear is that we have to embrace and recognize or mistakes, and act on that accordingly. When you first played EarthBound did you walk right into the Arcade and try and pick a fight with Frank without equipping yourself properly? Were you inexperienced and did you get your head handed to you? Some of you may not have, but I certainly did! So when we go on the forums, we should equip ourselves with our most valuable weapon and asset, knowledge, so read the rules! Also, you should get some firsthand experience on how things work exactly. When you hit the forums the first time, you should simply visit all the forums and read some threads, no need to be hasty in trying to get in responses immediately, get your feet in the ground, and get some experience points! You?ll be glad you did!

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