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What's Behind Earthbound? Part 3 - by mr. PSI

What's Behind Earthbound? Part 3

Due to the recent interest of PSI powers on the General Discussion board, and how late I was becoming with this article, I decided to finally right it and set the record straight. Again, if you can't understand complex concepts, please don't read further, this particular article in particular.

For those of you who have been in a hole for the past few years, PSI powers (or psychic powers) are extra sensory perception and real-world manipulating devices that are beyond the basic human 5 senses. First, i'm going to cover the more common PSI powers: telepathy. First, telepathy is the aspect of the PSI powers dealing with the mind. It is divided into many sub-classes, which are: Clairvoyance and mind reading. Clairvoyance is broadly recognised as an ability to fortell the future, describe the (unknown) past, and to touch an object and know it's history both past present and future. The most common calivoyance ability that requires little training in order to make it a valuable tool is fortelling the future, or is normally referred to as Deja-vu. Deja-vu is experienced as a familiar feeling about a place, event or object. During sleep and even when awake, the subconscience mind receives information about things in the future and past. Everyone, unless with proper training and background, will only experience the information about the future since you've already experienced the past due to your shift of conscienceness. And when that event occurs or you see the object or are in the place, it triggers a reaction of releasing that information from your subconscience. This is all similar to knowing an objects or places past and future, only that the reaction is triggered when the person with the calirvoyant ability touches the object or walks into the place. next, mind reading (not like the stuff on TV), is very difficult, since as many people have said before, a person's mind is like a radio station you have to be tuned into the right frequency. I don't know alot about it, so I won't discuss it further.

The next of the two main psychic abilities, is telekenesis. Most people think of it as a person moving objects with their mind, which is exactly what it is, on top of gathering energy. In all actuallity, there is not much to telekenesis, but that few stuff is extremely difficult, especially for our under-developed brains. Btw, our brains don't move the objects, but in fact they channel the energy that our spirit gathers from the Earth. First, in order to both form energy balls and to be able to move objects, one must first be able to gather energy. A person does this when they sleep, but alot of energy is needed for both activities. the energy for the energy ball can be gethered a formed into an energy ball at the same time if your good at it, but its recommended that you gather the energy first and then form it. If a person gathers too much energy for their body (brain) to handle then it can be dangerous in anything from a headache, to serious mental retardation (in theory). the spirit can gather infinite amounts of energy, but due to the inexperience of the human body, the body can gather only so much before becoming dangerous. A person doesn't necsisarily need to practice gathering energy to expand the amount of energy that can be gathered. It can be done while in the dream state, or while conscience in the astral plane*. the science behind gathering energy is that the brain is only using so much of it neurons, because the other nuerons havn't been activated yet, and by training, in no matter what fashion, will open up those nuerons and allow electrical energy to flow through. The quickest way to open those pathways is to consciencely do it while in the astral plane. But since most of you can't reach the astral plane, then you should do it while unconscience. This can be done by promting yourself before you go to sleep. This, as far as I know, can be done by thinking to yourself you goal before you go to sleep. Remember, in order to become psychic, it takes time, and lots of it. It will take years, even decades of rigorous training for most before you can acheive a substantial amount of energy to perform telekenesis. On the other hand, telepathy is naturally inclined to you, so it can be acheived easily with daily exercises in a few years.

Now, to tie this in with earthbound. In earthbound, things aren't exactly as they would be in real life. Ness and Paula are obviously very naturally inclined to both telepathy and telekenesis. Poo, I'm sure wasn't as naturally inclined to it as Ness and Paula were. As seen in the game, he completes his Mu training. I'd like to speculate on exactly what that Mu training was. Mu, from what I can guess, is an achieved state where one becomes easily influenced by the spirit. That spirit will influence him by way of giving him energy and information. Once Poo finishes his Mu training, he levels up several levels and then zips off to Summers, which supports my theory. As for the old ghost man that breaks his legs, he was probably there to "break" his body, which was symbolic of breaking his ego. The Ego is the part of the mind that keeps people's heads on earth, not in the clouds. it keeps peaople grounded in this world. Which in fact is not needed, but was an evolutionary developement over our history. Poo can obviously walk and not smile fine after he completes his Mu training. So once his ego was broken, it opened up the barrier between him and his spirit.

I hope you got all that, it was a long article. This will conclude the "What's Behind Earthbound" series. I hope everyone enjoyed it.

*The Astral plane is a non-physical place where entities will join with their spirit and explore things pertainigng to their life. I personally have only had a taste of the astral plane.

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