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EB and EB0 Comparison - by Master Starman

EB and EB0 Comparison

Hi there, I'm a new writer, and today I'm going to be discussing EBZ vs. EB. I have read the theories on how EBZ and EB fit together. Now here's my thoughts, which is a hybrid of my own thinking, and some other theories. I haven't finished EBZ yet, so I may very well have screwed up some plot elements, but I wrote this according to some of the stuff mentioned in the walkthrough. Also, that this is mainly how the games could be combined ICly, that is, how the producers could have explained the differences IN GAME.

Ness from EBZ and EB MUST be the same, for two reasons:
1) as mentioned in Ultimoo's article, the path Ness takes to the house in the black-and-white scene before Magicant in EB looks almost identical to the one he always takes to his house in EBZ.
2) the canary-like bird in the ATM/Phone building in EB's Magicant comments that " don't usually remember me, but you've heard my song in the back of your mind...", or something along those lines. DINGDING! Remember the Canary from EBZ who taught you part of Maria/Marie's song? That must be what this one is reffering to!

The Jeff and Paula are the same as their counterparts, as well:
1) Paula may have precognitive powers, but she probably wouldn't have known EXACTLY where to send the messages unless the three had met before
2) on a similar note, the messages Paula sends out state repeatedly that she has never before met the recipient. Constant denial is one of the most classic signs that you're lying, at least in fictional setting it is.
3) Jeff from the two games are both the only ones who can use Bottle Rocket-type weapons, and are the only ones who can use guns.

Ness's dad is NOT Giegue:
1) What kind of an IDIOT would send someone massive amounts of money to kill you with!?
2) Ness's dad is still around after Giegue leaves.

Side note: Ness's Dad could've known that there would be another threat through one of these reasons:
1) he works for the MIB ;) (though this is a joke, it is interesting to note that (if memory serves) the only person in Ness's family ever to interact with or even mention Dad is Ness, whose psychic powers might've protected him from the effects of the Neuralizer (that memory-eraser gizmo))
2) he has some slight Precognitive sklls
3)Giegue was as dumb as Pokey, and left a note for Dad that he would be back :)

Giegue is probably Giygas. Here's a plot-line on how this might've worked:

-When Ness beat Giegue in EBZ, Giegue realized that the only person who could've taught the kids to sing Maria's song like that is Maria. Realizing that his former love had betrayed him, he lost his mind entirely. (I seem to recall that one theory of why Marie is in Magicant is that she and Giegue had been in love, but that her love-song annoyed Giegue to no end, but because he loved her too much to just kill her, he shattered the memory of the song into eight different melodies, and put Marie/Maria into Magicant for safe-keeping.)

-Disgusted with what he used to have been, Giegue forsook his old identity entirely, assuming the name of Giygas (which we'll assume translates into Universal Cosmic Destroyer in his home language, which would make it more fitting). He began consuming the evil energy of planet after planet, turning the Your Sanctuaries into evil strongholds (Buzz Buzz states that the Sanctuaries are the power sources for the Earth, so I'm going to assume that every planet has it's own 'Your Sanctuaries' , and possibly it's own Chosen Ones as well.) from which he could draw power. Eventually his power became too great and his mind was 'seperated' from his body (let's say it's like a zombie/reincarnation scenario: the body sticks around until it is utterly destroyed, but the soul moves onto the next plane, or perhaps another reincarnation), thus turning him into the "almighty idiot" you fight at the end of EB.

-The evil energy of Giygas now running free, decided that it could not possibly get anymore powerful, so it began staging the strike at the Earth, this time from the past so as to be even safer. He just didn't count on Dr. Andonuts' Phase Distorter (because time supposedly 'branches', it is impossible to predict exactly what timelines will affect ours, or even what will happen from ours, but let's say that people in the past can 'target' the branch to which they belong for doing whatever they're gonna do, as Giygas did). Ness came back and blew him to kingdom come, but because his evil power had been SO present in Pokey's mind, Pokey turned into the Second Coming of Giygas.

That's just what I think MIGHT explain differences in the plots. I'm probably wrong about something or other, but we won't be able to be sure of anything until someone tests out the Japanese versions of Mother and Mother2 (correct me if I'm wrong, but these variations are only in the U.S. versions, right?) to see how what differences there are in those plots. If you'd like to contact me, do so at [email protected] Thank you for putting up with my article.

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Master Starman EB and EB0 Comparison
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