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Mr. Spoon - by MikeTheEBGuru

Mr. Spoon

More EarthBoundy rumors, and this is my optimistic stance on things. Hot dog! We've been waiting the better part of a decade for a sequel, and it appears this may finally be our time to shine. As you know, a certain Soul4ger has been preaching the potential Boundtastic gospel lately. Although it is just a blip in the grand number of's solid number of updates, this one has gripped us something awful, and I think it's time to celebrate.

GAF isn't Q-Mann. Sure, the site's been wrong before, but they have been holding down a level of consistency other sites just haven't touched lately. Q-Mann, on the other hand, is the whole crew of EGM staffers taking turns of putting various online scuttlebutt in their pages. Sure, it's understandable. They know they can't compete with the daily gaming funk we get from sites. The only logical alternative for them would be to report on unfounded rumors. Then again, they implied that we'd hear something soon. That was months ago. Besides, gaming mags aren't the best source of rumors; oh no. Even the true ones can't hold their own. I use to be an avid fan of Game Players Magazine (anyone remember that one?). Anywho, way back in 1996, they predicted Nintendo was at work on something called Project: Atlantis. For those of you not sure what this is, it later turned out to be the Game Boy Advance just years later. '96, folks. Back then, it predicted everything from scaled down N64 classics to SNES compatibility. Details were sketchy, but they were right. GAF didn't take this route, though. They seemed to be more detailed. Why, as I write this, the stage seems to be set for E3. Showtime. Last year, I was quite elated to see the E-Reader unveiled. While some of the games looked as great as ever, we all got that same old feeling of being EarthBoundless for another year. As usual, skunked again. Now, here we are. Not only are we holding onto the petition, but we're also holding on that glimmering shred of hope that says we'll one day be taken back to our younger days. That we'll one day be shocked again. Something that leads us to believe EarthBound will return to us. It's a different time.

When EarthBound was first released, Nintendo was gaming. Sure you'd have the occasional "out of the loop" Sega fan, but the bulk of us were SNES heads. What I'm saying is, if EarthBound couldn't cut the mustard then, will it now? I can unequivocally say that, yes, it will. Nintendo only has a slice of the gaming pie, but if there's another clear commitment made to the title, it will be successful. Worse comes to worse, I wouldn't mind a little grassroots campaigning for the game if advertising alone doesn't grip the market. Besides, when you don't have many pure RPGs going on, your're bound to have a success. I don't know if and when an EarthBound sequel will be released, but it won't have near as much competition; especially from those ad wizards at Square. Besides, when you consider the fact that die hard guys like me will be buying multiple copies, it's all gravy, baby. Speaking of gravy, while Mother 3 for the Gamecube might just be our main course, we've got potential on the GBA as a lovely delight on the side. Can you imagine? Nintendo usually only ports its heavy SNES hitters to the GBA. Sure Metroid got a new game, but there are rarely any remakes, either. I don't know which route Nintendo could take with Mother and Mother 2 on the GBA, but the fact that it has received more talk than the M3 rumor speaks in volumes. I doubt connectivity will be a feature in the two games, but bridging together two markets with the Mother franchise is quite classy, and will surely have the Nintendo (and EarthBound) faithful partying hard for years to come. Oh, and lest us not forget our situation.

This little community has improved by leaps and bounds. Sure, there are indeed less hardcore Nintendo folks, but the love for EarthBound has taken us by the jugular, and it isn't letting go, and we may be graced with the prescence of many more members once something is announced and released (It's probably just wishful thinking, but the secondary sites may even have a chance). Ironically, days before the first GAF rumor, I had started to play EarthBound on my SNES again. Really outstanding stuff. Once I started playing, I thought about the prospect of how we'd respond to another game (or games) in the series. I could recall my early days of searching for EarthBound online. Back then, everything remotely related to EarthBound interested me. The FAQs, the reviews, everything. After the long hiatus, love for these things would certainly return, and faith in Itoi would only be placed in in stone; once and for all. The good deed done, I can honestly say that despite the quality of any potential EarthBound sequels, I would be satisfied for the simple fact that we weren't forgotten. I know it could be just as or even more successful if a new franchise was developed, or even if more Smash Bros. games were developed, but as we stuck with it, so did they.

Oh, and it could be a great help to Nintendo as well.When you see titles like Golden Sun for the GBA, it shows Nintendo gamers are willing to give "true" RPGs a chance. How many times have we seen people that buy a Gamecube just for an EarthBound sequel? That kind of logic shows that any title will be highly anticipated, and it could even restore some class into the Xtreme Beach Volleyball purists that have gripped this continent in recent years. People like good games, and an EarthBound sequel can be a catalyst for change in Nintendo for the North American market. That leave us, the community, with our own strange happening. Although some of the more hardcore folk will spend less time in the community (due to the engrossing gameplay of Mother 3), we'll have swarms of new members; much more than any Smash Bros. fan crew; especially if EarthBound hits both the GBA and GCN. They'll be coming out of the woodwork, and I love it. For the last petition, we had a highly honorable crew actually going out to gather signatures by hand. What I'm saying is, in case of another drought five to ten years down the road, we should still retain enough people to make the latest petition seem pretty miniscule. Plus, we'd have plenty of new people to grace us with their prescence. Will this mean we'll get plenty more bad eggs? Sure. However, I look around here, and I wonder if there's another good heart out there willing to contribute once a sequel hits; awaking them to the EarthBound greatness, and leading them here. Glorious.

Despite what happens, I'm amazed. Amazed that this type of stuff still garners attention. I'm so enamored with the rumors, my elation has blinded me from the prospective news at hand. If this rumor also winds up false, I wouldn't even care. Why, even if it were false, it still shows someone is out there doing their research, talking to their "sources", and basically just doing their job. Welcome to our own version of EarthBound March Madness (just try and register that one, NCAA) , folks. This wait for May will seem like the longest ever, and more rumors will just make it worse. Work up a nice cache of dough, think about how you'll contribute to our community that may grow exponentially, and save the thumbs for more of that luscious EarthBound greatness. See that light at the end of the tunnel, yet? Spring's shaping up to be a fun ride. Until then, keep rocking my world.

"You won!"

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