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The Fish Bowl: Mike Is My Personal Guru - by Madfish

The Fish Bowl: Mike Is My Personal Guru

Greetings all. After reading Mike's latest article, I felt compelled to write one about pretty much the same thing. The Articles section should have more articles, period. Writing articles is not that hard. In fact, it is pretty easy.

I am not an artist. I have no musical skills. I am a humble writer, and this is my only outlet for creativity. However, the difference between this and most of the other sections is, this doesn’t require that much talent. You don’t have to write a novel, or a brilliant essay. Just give your opinion, and make sure it is EarthBound or related. This is the one section where everyone can make a contribution. And those of you who write fanfics often should be able to crank out an article rather quickly.

There are some of you that have written some great articles in the past. What happened? I was really looking forward to some articles from Anthadd and Falc. Alas, there are none. You are both amazing writers. Why not give me something to read every Saturday afternoon? =)

So I encourage you all to begin writing articles. Lets give the community something more to read than Mike’s weekly dose of wisdom and the highly amusing Crunch Chronicles(that makes four). I apologize that this was so short. I just wanted to support Mike’s article.

Until next time, may your keyboard get much use and your fishing hooks be rusty.

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