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Connecting Two Points - by rosch_ex

Connecting Two Points

I've heard the controversey between the differences and similarities of EarthBound Zero and EarthBound. Upon reading Ultimoo's article "The Mother Connection" there is a heck of alot of questions I have to ask and so few answers available.

In Ultimoo's article, he theorizes that in EarthBound, Ness's memory of walking a path to a singled home is actually a memory from EarthBound Zero. Also that Giegue was actually Ness's father, prompting that Maria, Ness's grandmother, had an affair with Gigyas and spawned off Giegue, and that is a good reason why she was so fond if him/it.

This brings up alot of thoughts and questions, and to answer them we must begin at the roots of each game.

In Mother 1, in the early 1900s a young newlywed couple disappeared without a trace. Two years later, George, the husband returned and began a study in PSI. Maria, though never came back. Eighty years later, Ness is told by his father about his own PSI abilities and that he should seek out the truth. In Mother 2, though, it takes place in the years 1990 thru 1999. Ness is awakened by a meteor crashing and is greeted by Buzz Buzz while looking for Picky. Buzz Buzz explains that the Apple of Enlightenment had predicted that three boys and one girl would save the world from an evil - Gigyas.

Giegue and Gigyas. Funny that the names are almost similiar. Most people believe its just a diffrent translating, but in Ultimoos article, Gigyas was probably Giegue's father. In both cases, Ness had defeated both Gigyas and Giegue at the end of each game.

Ultimoo's theory that Giegue was Ness's father fits in with Ness's whole PSI thing. Gigyas and Giegue both had PSI powers, and since Ness was born from Giegue, he too should be able to use PSI.

There is a flaw though. At the end of EarthBound Zero there is a image of Ness's father calling home, and it seems he is trying to warn Ness about something. At the end of EarthBound, Ness's father calls and tells Ness he will be home in time for Ness's party.

So how can Giegue be Ness's father and call home to warn Ness about a future threat, if Ness had already defeated him?

Another topic brought to mind, includes that ending pic from EarthBound Zero. Ness's dad is trying to warn Ness about something. In EarthBound, a meteor crashes and Ness's dad had called home soon afterward. So in such a way, EarthBound fits into a sequel for EarthBound Zero.

This is yet another one of my theories, and as such, I would appreciate any feedback on them.

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