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EarthBound 64... No Longer 64? - by RMSGigantc

EarthBound 64... No Longer 64?

With the repetitive tentative release dates constantly surfacing, it leaves us all to wonder if Earthbound "64" is even coming out. The game has been in development for several years, and the public has seen very little progress on the project since its commencing. The future of Nintendo's newest sequel is unknown thus far...

Yes, we've been given a few screen shots, but this is not the final product. When running on the N64, the quality of the graphics may decline, or the actual size of the game could be scaled to fit the cartridge format since it will no longer be released on Nintendo's 64DD peripheral as originally planned. This has occured on several projects already. Ah, but wait! That's only the beginning...

The tentative release date for Earthbound "64" is nearly a year away from now, and along with that, Nintendo's Project Dolphin is in the works. It is possible to see a connection there not? Perhaps Nintendo may decide to release it on their newest next generation system further in the future.

This could cause a great uproar in the Earthbound community, as has already occurred when the title was pushed back even further recently, but this could undoubtedly benefit the game substantially. With a larger game capacity, crisper graphics, an internal clock, and possibly other features which could make each gaming experience unique, this could be what we have all been waiting for. Could this be Nintendo's intent for this game? Well, no one is sure since the title remains in a foggy nature, but only the future can tell us. Yes, you may have your opinions which could greatly vary from this, but anything is a possibility...

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RMSGigantc EarthBound 64... No Longer 64?
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