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Character Study: the Camera Guy - by RaSeb

Character Study: the Camera Guy

Over the years, we have become used to see weird and enigmatic characters. It might be on television, video games, books or even real life. But the problem is that we don’t stop to question ourselves about the meaning of all this. In EarthBound, there is one particularly wicked character: the camera man. Think about it, it never struck you that the guy could be a character in a David Lynch movie? He’s that weird.

I am sad to see that there weren’t many theories about the Camera Guy. As far as I know, there never was a Theory topic about him. I then did some research in the Articles section. I managed to find two relevant entries. There is Picture Perfect by Falcon24 and KATKA?S 7 ARTICLES #1 by Katka.

Falcon’s theory is that the Camera man works for Giygas. On his side, Katka propose the theory that the Camera man is no other than Ness? dad. I suggest you read these two articles to see their argumentation. They managed to make sense (in an EarthBoundy kind of way) and they are a good complement to this article. It is now time to move my very own theory.

Whenever I see the camera man, I have to ask myself questions. The questions that immediately jump to my mind are the following: How does he do to appear from the sky? How does he know where you are? The two writers that I mentioned before had answers for that. But I’m not going to answer them because I think that they are irrelevant. The reason? Its simple. EarthBound is not a realistic game. Why should you be disturbed by a guy falling out of the sky when you’re not disturbed by a talking rock? It fits the logic of the game. EarthBound propose a different universe with similarities with ours. In EarthBound, people can teleport so why can’t they drop from the sky? You might say that only some people can but why can’t PSI dropping from the sky and PSI knowing where Ness is be learned in photo school?

I guess I contradicted myself there? I said I wasn’t going to answer but I emitted a theory. Oh well, let’s keep on moving!

As I was saying, the facts that he arrives from the sky and that he knows where Ness at every moment are only subterfuges. While people, including Ness, think about how he does to drop from the sky, about what is ?Fuzzy Pickles? and about how come he always knows where I am, we get distracted by his true nature: He’s a salesman. He sells photographs. Ness is gullible enough to think that the pictures are free. He’s lucky that his mom didn’t kill him when she received the bill from the photo album at the end of the game.

The Photo Guy is only the most brilliant salesman ever and He’s not afraid to take advantage of children. The reason he knows where Ness is at all time is because He’s like the hot dog salesman in one episode of the Simpsons. He follows him around because he could make good money with Ness. He really is a genius.

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