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Alternate Paths, Part II - by Ultimoo

Alternate Paths, Part II

This article isn't going to sound like your usual everyday article. I really don't want to dwell on this though. Anyone who was at the meeting knows that I wasn't my usual self. I hardly say anything. My next article will touch upon the subject of death in EarthBound, due to an incident that I need not specify on that involved death, affecting millions of people. Continuing my article from last night, I'd like to introduce a current project in progress that you may have heard of already. Of course I can more accurately and thoroughly discuss this project than the others in my last article. That may be because I am working on this project, headed by Kyosuke and Wam, as a script writer. If this project is successful, which it is going along very smoothly, it will definitely be a captivating EarthBound experience we can all look forward to.

The game is a collection of events that could have happened between events that already exist in the original EarthBound game that the player did not experience because they were not vital to the storyline. Hence the name, EarthBound: Untold.

A tentative idea regarding the format of the game closely resembles the NES classic RPG Dragon Warrior IV (if anyone remembers this great game, e-mail me). Dragon Warrior IV is divided into 5 chapters. The first four building up to the climactic fifth.

Since the events in EarthBound: Untold take place separately, and not in succession, the existing parts of the original EarthBound filling in between, chapters sound like a pretty good idea. I've begun writing the script of events taking place between the night before the robotic transformation of the heroes, up until the departure to Giygas.

The game will not go in order of how I write it though. If we use the chapter system as aforementioned, it will probably begin earlier in the day of the meteor's landing. (Haha, I haven't even told Kyo about that idea yet) However, the first idea that came to mind was the current chapter that I'm writing, which is explained at the end of the last paragraph.

I strongly recommend that you visit the EarthBound: Untold site that can quickly and efficiently be found in the links section. There you can find information on how to help out with the project, and the answers to any questions you might have about this promising new work-in-progress. Finally, I strongly apologize for any conspicuous errors in this article grammatically that may have made it difficult on your reading. E-mail Kyosuke for the most up-to-date info on EarthBound: Untold.

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