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Classic Battles - by Ultimoo

Classic Battles

Your normally scheduled Ultimoo article will not be appearing on today.

Through great technique and scientific experimentation, Ultimoo has managed to create a clone of himself. No, it is not in every single way like him. However, it is 1/8th his size. And everything else he does is 1/8th of what Ultimoo would normally do. So thank you for reading this the first article by Mini-Moo.

No Mini-Moo, we do not interfere with my articles. Besides, an article 1/8th the size of a regular Ultimoo article is not acceptable by the standards of the article submission guidelines. Now return to your hyperbolic chamber.

Hmph, at least I gratify my readers at the end of my articles....

Back into the chamber now!! Okay, now that that is taken care of, let's take a trip to a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away. Japan in 1986. The now legendary Akira Toriyama completes and releases the first console RPG ever, the original Dragon Quest. And to myself, and the rest of a dying breed of RPG player, Dragon Quest was our oldest memory of our first RPG. With the first RPG comes the first battle system. Dragon Quest (released with numerous sequels in the U.S. as Dragon Warrior on the NES) had a very, very simple but entertaining battle system in which the battle scenario appeared from a first-person view of the main character you were controlling.

Sound familiar?? Of course that other pioneer RPG, EarthBound, shares that battle system. With the release of EarthBound 64, it seems that that classic battle system will take a deathblow to the gut. Or will it?? With the release of Dragon Quest VII up and coming, will the EarthBound battle system survive in another form?? I doubt it. It's one of the few elements that made the game in its true nature a Role Playing Game. You see the battle as it would happen from the point of view of the characters. With the later post-80s developments of traditional Squaresoft RPGs, the ATB (active-time-based) battle system takes the point of view of the gamer. As if he were an omniscient all-seeing deity, rather than the personification, no the ROLE of the characters in the game. How confusing....It must be because I strayed from my patented format. The next article will probably make sense and have a point to it. Oh yeah, and thanks for reading the article!

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