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High Maintenance - by Ultimoo

High Maintenance

I had no idea the articles section of this site would grow this much. We now have breached the 150 mark. I predict at this rate maybe 500 articles by the end of the year. Not only do I upload the articles to the main page, I also moderate the article discussion message board, in addition to writing articles. It is a lot of work. Before the server change, and more frequent updates, articles would occasionally constitute for as much as 7537566311460f the updates on average. I will be posting two to five articles today, so make those articles good! That's another thing, articles have become a lot harder to select. With such growth and prosperity EarthBounders seem motivated to write better articles. The three to five rule means competition, which ultimately results in more high quality articles.

Allow me to once again refer to Cut Man, our still new staff columnist. I strongly encourage you to read each and every one of his articles. My articles almost always fall under one of four categories mentioned in my "EarthBound Article Tutorial" article. If you're looking for a less standardized, fresh kind of article, Cut Man is your writer. Ultimoo articles will continue to be more systematic, and organized. It won't be long before I take part in editing the article submission guidelines. The most important document to refer to when writing an article. "EarthBound Article Tutorial" always could help too, though. There is still one difficulty that roadblocks further progress and growth of the articles section. Organization. It won't be very long before we have several hundred articles all in a massive alphabetical list in the articles section.

It may be harder on me as the maintainer in more ways than one, but we need some kind of categorial organization. If anybody has any good ideas on how to organize the articles section, e-mail me and/or Tomato, or better yet, post on the Article Discussion board. After all, the articles section works hand in hand with the forum section in allowing our visitors to have their opinion known regarding EarthBound, or the site itself. The articles are one of the most democratic parts of And for the purpose of a more freely expressed articles section, if anyone has reasonable ideas concerning the alteration of the submission guidelines, feel free to post up in the Article Discussion forum. On a final note, I'd just like to thank all our frequent writers for keeping our section healthy and interesting, and all the new writers for finding a strong niche in the mighty article section.

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