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Itoi Ahoy! - by Ultimoo

Itoi Ahoy!

I don't understand the lack of energy! How come everybody is not dancing in the streets!! We actually HAVE Itoi's e-mail address! Do you know what that means?! This is one small step for, and one large step for the EarthBound community! This article will attempt to explain just how important this blessed event is. In that case let me tell you the little tale of a young man named Andrew Vestal. Way back when three years ago, Mr. Vestal was responsible for a little website called SquareNet. It was indeed a labor of love, much like, as it quickly became the most informative, overall qualitative unofficial Square RPG site on the internet among thousands. When you are a figurehead of an important information source, on the information superhighway, you make connections fast.

Of course I am comparing Mr. Vestal to Tomato, who needs no paragraph-long introduction to most anyone reading this article. Anyway, Mr. Vestal eventually established a successful relationship with the establishment of Square, Incorporated. He had the e-mail address of anybody who was anybody in that company, from what I've heard. This developed to the point where Square offered there webhosting services to Mr. Vestal's SquareNet. Mr. Vestal was now receiving news directly from the horse's mouth, which meant very exciting times for diehard Square fans. Eventually some lamer with nothing better to do decided to hack into SquareNet's main page and post Mr. Vestal's home phone number along with some kind of scandalous comment. The era of SquareNet was brought to a screeching halt and Vestal packed it up and head for the hills.

And in those hills he founded the Gaming Intelligence Agency, one of the most successful gaming news sites on the net, but that's another story so HAHA lamer. Moving on, we have acquired the e-mail address that could not qualify more for the title of "the horse's mouth." That means, as I said before, very exciting times for the visitors and fans of both, and the Mother series as a whole. So know that can only press upward now. As I nursed my broken ribs over the past month, many hours spent lying in bed, I sometimes wondered how long would survive should Mother 3 never be released. Well it turns out now that there is definitely a light at the end of the tunnel. Hopefully we will soon communicate with the father of Mother.

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