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On The Rise - by Ultimoo

On The Rise

Anyone who's a frequent patron of #earthbound,'s IRC channel, is well aware of the great dramatic changes coming to the site soon. For anyone who doesn't know....well, that's the purpose of this article. It may just be me due to the new article message board, but is definitely going to be a lot more interactive in the coming months. We've really been laying down the law to bring you the best staff we can collaborate. This means we'll be bringing you the best stuff we can collaborate. I'd just thought I'd let everyone know that I have locked Mini Moo in the hyperbolic chamber and sent him to the bowels of the earth. If there's anything you learn from this article (besides what's been going on behind the scenes here at, never, ever, get a clone of any size.

I don't think it will be long before Worker and Parasite has the highly anticipated staff artwork complete. Of course I can't back that up with any sort of credible fact, but I think they'll be done soon. On the other hand, something I can back up with fact is the soaring "forum" section accessible directly to your left. We now have about 90 active members. Up until about one week ago, I never even bothered to check out the forum section, and that's a mouthful coming from a staff member. A week later, I'm the moderator of a section of the forum. In addition, within a month at most of its new existence, the message forum now contains over one thousand posts!! Speaking of articles, if anybody has a suggestion as to how to organize the swelling number of articles in the article section, a new article forum category has been opened.

Enough about articles, another fast-growing innovation is the hilarious Best of #earthbound section. If you haven't been reading my articles, which you probably haven't, I must again strongly encourage attendance of the #earthbound IRC channel.

Just take a look at the section, I believe it's under Fun Stuff. That should be enough encouragement to join in on the madness. And who could forget Radio?? Okay so the airtimes are rather erratic from the schedule, but it's still a good reason to dust off of download Winamp. The songs are wonderfully familiar and the ads are Best of #earthbound quality (you will download IRC). Another obvious tweak to the site is the influx of fan art. However, it's counterpart, fanfics, hasn't been going anywhere lately. That's definitely about to change, and you'll find out all about it next article. One last thing, congratulations to Cut Man, my new co-pilot. There's something waiting for you in the message board.

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