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The Return of the King - by Ultimoo

The Return of the King

When a die-hard EarthBound fans first hears the name "King" in an EarthBound related discussion, s(he) would think that the hero's pet dog is being referred to. Not in this article. I'm referring to none other than that ideal teenage hero....(drum roll)....Ness!!!!!!!! The true king of the EarthBound realm has in fact returned. And for the first time in over three years, I took control of our hero once again to do battle. There is a slight possibility that it will be the last time I take control of our hero. Last night, my father walked through the door and was immediately attacked by my brother, who quickly snatched up Nintendo's latest brawling wonder, Super Smash Brothers.

It wasn't long before I quested through the game as another quintessential Nintendo hero, Mario, in an endless frenzy of bashing glee. But why was I so bent on playing through this game?? Well why don't we take a guess on who the most powerful (hidden) character in the game is. That's right! The N to the E to the double crooked letter. Let me tell you the game is HARD. It took hours upon end to acquire Ness, the stipulation being that you have to complete the game on normal difficulty, with only three lives, and no continues. After defeating the final boss, and the credits have rolled, Ness challenges you and you must defeat him. He is a doozy, watch out for his PSI attacks! I hadn't gamed so intensely since Ness's last appearance in EarthBound.

What I didn't understand was the comparison of among the four hidden characters on the level of difficulty. It took me about ten minutes to get Jigglypuff, twenty to get Captain Falcon, and 30 at most to get Luigi. It took me at least double the amount of time it took getting all of them to finally control Ness for the second time. If you are in fact a die-hard EarthBound fan, and you have been decisive about buying this game, spare yourself the thinking energy: go out and buy it now. You're in for an intense gaming experience with the most substantial reward an EarthBound fan could hope to receive. Now all we have to wait for is the next (and ultimate) return of the king.

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