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The Final Stretch - by Ultimoo

The Final Stretch

Looks like this is it. Hold onto your red baseball caps and keep your yellow and purple striped shirts on. has for the most part standardized itself, and set the standard for other EarthBound sites. When I say standardized itself I mean nothing is really drastically changing like it used to and everything is steady and everyone is happy. When I say set the standard for others...well just take a look at the innovation of our new "competition" I have to give credit to EarthBound Universe though...they've really come of age and come of excellence in terms of professional-looking EarthBound sites. Back to the main idea, reidman has just notified you of an interview coming up...I still won't reveal who that is (reidman will have probably revealed who it is by the time you read this), but it will be much of a leap than you can imagine.

This interviewee just maybe the big-time ticket for, and the EarthBound community at large. You've probably seen this recently acquired interview from Nintendojo concerning the production status of EarthBound 64. I really don't know why this has gotten so much attention since to my knowledge it's just one Nintendojo editor to another, meaning we still have confirmed and accomplished absolutely nothing. The majority of my first month's worth of articles at bickered about the delays of EarthBound 64. The original purpose of this article is to let everyone know just how bright things could be looking for the EarthBound in the U.S. scene come the BIG INTERVIEW. Also, according to the opinions of the Nintendojo editor, the delays are just due to the notoriously slow development schedules of the creators.

It seems to me that the editor also speaks of the same marketing ploys I spoke of in a previous article. Apparently, it seems that Nintendo could have been just saving EarthBound 64 for the final stretch of N64's lifespan as the release of Project Dolphin is imminent within the next couple of years. If this is the case, Mother 3 must be an incredibly stellar game. So much perhaps that Nintendo is employing it as a final blow to potential N64 customers's wallets. I don't think I need to reiterate all the reasons that we most probably could be seeing U.S. shores. That was my last article, I think. In addition, Spaceworld is at the end of the month. Regardless of the conditions, the previously mentioned interview, if successful, will most definitely answer some questions and confirm the future of EarthBound.

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