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The EB64 Situation - by vivi3000

The EB64 Situation

Well I know a lot of people have been really wanting all these attempts that we are trying to do to work but I have added all the information we have together and come out with the following conclusion.

Earthbound 64 or Mother 3 has about a 2% chance of being released. Shigesato Itoi, the man who breathed life in to Mother 2 has confirmed that he will not be making one.When a game is cancelled.It is usually cancelled for good. The truth is that Mother 2 wasn't so popular up here in North America and you all know that. Even if it does get released in Japan it probably won't come here due to the money Nintendo spent on advertising and it didn't do too much for them now did it?

On the otherhand, there is that project that some peeps were going to try. To ask Itoi if they could give it a shot to make Mother 3. That also has a very slim chance of working but it does have more of a chance then us getting Mother 3 directly from Nintendo. So if you really can't take it that EB64 isn't going to be released,help with this thing.

In conclusion: I think we all knew what I have stated in this article. Unfortunately,Mother 3 will not be released unless Project Mr. Sparkle would acctually work,which I highly doubt will happen unless Tomato finds some way to make a Mr.T mobile.

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