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One Shot - by Shmuely

One Shot

Okay, now this article won't be all emotional like my last one. I must've been really high that day, or something. :-)

We're all really excited about EarthBound 64, right? Especially now that it's appearing in Space World! Wow! But, what if it stinks? (And, no, I don't mean "stinks" like how the EB advertising campaign used the word. Sheesh.) What if the graphics are all it supports? Dude, here's a scary thought: What if we've waited since 1994 for nothing? What if Mother 3's another Quest 64? I sure don't want to be the first sucker to buy and hate the game! Then again, maybe we should just wait and see. Then again, let's prepare ourselves for the worst.

Allright, Sam, stop jumping to crazy conclusions! Let's take a peek at the evidence first.

The only real evidence we have to talk about is the setting change. Now, I know that the setting change is really stupid, because we all love the modern setting. But the cool side to that is that EB64 may be about the chosen one from a different era. Or maybe it's about the cosmic destroyer from a different era. The hieroglyph did say, "The invaders will be reborn every millennium and will attack again." That's spiffy.

And, sure, we COULD start an EB64-modernizer petition. But this would only delay the release date another 10 years. I think we should accept the game as it is. It might be interesting to see EarthBound in the 4th century. Who knows: we might see our beloved characters' ancestors! We might hear our favorite tunes played by a harpsichord! We might even get to see the golden age of evil...

...or we might finish the article and get some lunch! In conclusion, I think that all avid EBounders must wait and see what EB64's like, and then jump to any conclusions they want. But we should also be warned: the future is not always what it seems.

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