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 Community Meets NOA - by SLing Meets NOA

Have you ever looked up to the night sky and wondered, "What would happen if became the ofiical Earthbound site?" Well, this may answer the question. I'll try to answer it in this article. They'll be seperated into good points and bad points.

GOOD POINTS: 1. would get alot of visitors a day, and they would have to move to a different server, but it wouldnt matter, because Nintendo would be paying for it. 2. EB.NET would have the most current info on Earthbound 64. 3. Eb: TCG might become a reality. 4. Nintendo might hurry up and fininsh M3 because of all the people who want it.

BAD POINTS: 1. The message board would be moderated, All of the staff members would be replaced by Nintendo staff members, and Reidman would have to work with Nintendo Officials. 2. Nintendo will make EB.NET take all of the info on EB0 off thier site, because it hasnt been relased in the US. 3. In EB: TCG , All of the rules, cards, and people working on the project would be replaced with Nintendo People. 4. Because of Earthbound.Net's quality, nintendo would force Reidman to make a site called "" and if reid wont make it, Nintendo would shut down.

I hope this has been informational. Questions? Comments? Kudos? E-mail me.

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