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The Doom of the N64 - by The Lone Duck

The Doom of the N64

Well okay, maybe not DOOM, but the N64 will never be what the SNES was. Sure, the graphics were a milestone, but as we all know, graphics are crap without gameplay. Without gameplay, it might as well be a screensaver. RPG's are the best source of gameplay, along with well designed action and adventure games. Now your thinking what does all this have to do with Earthbound? This is!! Well, Earthbound was arguably the greatest RPG ever made. Now where are we with Earthbound 64? I won't even begin to go there.

Now let's check out some of the other companies. We're all aware of Square's partnership with Sony. Whether or not they'll work with Nintendo is unknown, but many have said that the games, such as FF7 and Brave Fencer Musashi aren't as good as the famed Chrono Trigger and FF3.

Enix, maker of good games such as Lufia, (I'm not sure about Lufia, someone giving confirmation?) and Illusion of Gaia, began to make games such as the two Wonder Project J's and Mischief Makers, but because of poor sales, they won't make any other games. Hopefully, they'll work on the Dolphin project, but only time will tell.

THQ. Hah. Maker of the famed WCW Nitro, and Home Alone for SNES, went out into the world, and made Quest 64. Now that we all have had a few chuckles, seriously, this game is a waste. You are constantly raising levels, and the plot is thinner than a bulimic model. If a company known for its wrestling games makes an RPG, raise your hands and slowly back away.

Konami isn't well known for RPG's, but the Goemon games are worth mentioning. Known for their wacky humor, like Earthbound, this game is like many RPG's with the plot twists, and the multiple characters. The main difference is it's an action game, without attacking magic, or anything of the sort. Konami is also working on an RPG known as Hybrid Heaven. It has the usual battle interface, but you pick out various punches, and weapons, if available. I am not estatic about this, because we all got excited for Quest 64, and fell like a sack of dog doo.

Nintendo made Earthbound, we all know that, but let's look at the other project of Super Mario RPG 2, or now known as Super Mario Adventure. Jumping away from the 3D perspective to a "2D characters in a 3D world" has given it a lot of criticism. In my humble opinion, it just might turn out decent if they work at it, and don't rush it. Personally, I'd have rather heard stuff on EB64 than Super Mario Adventure, but alas, I am not Nintendo's CEO.

Maybe I'm just experiencing high doses of nostalgia, but I really think things are going down the tubes. I recently bought Chrono Trigger for 60 bucks, and rented Star Wars: Episode 1 Racer. Good thing I spent my money on Chrono Trigger. Of course, for some reason I keep getting the message, "But... The Future Refused To Change." I'm sure I've drilled my point through, with all these ramblings.I might write an article later if I get feedback. BTW, I always close letters, and such this way, get used to it.

Sincerely, The Lone Duck

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The Lone Duck The Doom of the N64
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