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Sony vs. Nintendo - by Dark Starman

Sony vs. Nintendo

Welcome. This is my first article. And I'd like to start out with a bang... I think anyways. Now to the point. Sony vs. Nintendo. Many of you back up Nintendo because of Earthbound and Zelda. Some of you think Nintendo has gone down the toilet and want them to be hanged. And some of you don't care just as long as we have good RPG's!

Earthbound 64, the name sends hope to many EB fans. With others it just makes their hatred for Nintendo greater. Now we can use amazing Nintendo games such as Earthbound, Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy 3, and many other RPG's as Nintendo's glory. But then we point out that those are all on SNES. Sony Playstation with about 1 or 2 RPG's a month coming out keeps RPG fans happy. There was an article written about EB 64 not on 64. And I agreed. But I point this out. Why does Nintendo have to make the game?

Do you all think Earthbound 64 will come out in the next year? For many people I've heard no. Some yes but mostly no. Many people are excited about Dreamcast. Others still wait for PSX 2 or Project Dolphin. Do you all think Nintendo cares about EB 64 and the EB fans as much as Zelda fans?

From what I've heard we still haven't gotten a response from Nintendo about Earthbound Zero! If Sony or Sega (forget the line of succes) could get the rights to Earthbound would get tons of devlopers working on the game. It may have a different feel cause it's on PS. But it's still EB with same gameplay. And EB humor (Shadow Madness anyone?)Now I get flamed =) but it's true, Sony would come out with this game faster.

So I finish this article on a strange note... do we trust Nintendo?

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