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EarthBound Holidays - by Daveman

EarthBound Holidays

Thanksgiving has come (and, maybe, by the time you read this, gone), and I'm getting ready to eat (or maybe already have eaten) a ton of turkey, mashed potatoes, steamed veggies, stuffing, rolls, and definitely NOT cranberry sauce! But what do I know?

It makes me wonder, though. Did the characters in EarthBound celebrate holidays that we know of? Did they celebrate Chaunakah, Christmas, or maybe Ramadan? Perhaps they have their own holidays in Eagleland. It's an interesting thing to think about. Did they even have time to celebrate holidays? After all, they were trying to fight off an evil demon creature from outer space, so who has time to celebrate? They were fighting for something TO celebrate.

Or maybe every day was a holiday. Just like it says in the Bible, no day is more holy than another. Perhaps that was the attitude that the citizens of Eagleland had, finding something to celebrate every day and then celebrating it. Imagine how many keggers there would be in a country like that! In the Star Wars universe, it is a Corellian tradition to eat a rhyschate whenever there is something to celebrate. One time, pilot Corran Horn celebrated with smuggler Mirax Terrik simply being alive. On a quest to save the world from a pure evil entity, I can imagine that being able to celebrate being alive would be quite a great celebration indeed.

Or maybe they were just like us. They already had ATMs and pay phones, why not celebrate Thanksgiving or Christmas just like the rest of us? It would have been kind of neat to see EarthBound 64 with holidays programmed in depending on the time of year. All the shops would be closed on Christmas, for example, and maybe you could find a family to befriend that would give you a gift of some sort on Christmas or your birthday. That would be an interesting addition to the game.

If you ask me, I think that EB.Net should give gifts of money to all that write articles for them, on the order of a cool million. But what do I know?

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