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What Can We Expect from EarthBound 64? - by PokeboyAsh

What Can We Expect from EarthBound 64?

With recent news of EB 64 being delayed indefinitely, the EB world is once again taking a blow from Nintendo. However, indefinitely doesn't mean that the game won't come out, but rather that they don't have a set release date. And it could come out at anytime. But not anytime soon though.

In this article I'll be touching on what we can expect from EarthBound 64 in the way of graphics, the characters, and plot of the game.

First, We'll take a look at graphics. EarthBound 64 will be using all of the Nintendo 64's 3-D features. For instance it will use 3D texture-mapped polygons, characters progress through a vividly lush rendered world of beautiful, dark forests and off the wall technology. So, to put it in lamens terms, it will look like the real world.

Next, the characters of the game. 4 of the characters that will be in it are Lucas, Flint, Ryukku, and Pokey. Some returning characters are Dr. Andonuts and Mr. Saturn. Unfortunately, not much information is available on Lucas, Flint or Ryukku. But, the minute there's more news will fill you in.

Third, the plot of the game. Well, there isn't much known about the plot, but here's what we know. The game takes place where EarthBound/Mother 2 left off. It will take place over the course of 10 years, and will cover 12 chapters. And, will have many playable characters.

As you can see, Nintendo isn't saying much about EarthBound 64. In my opinion EarthBound 64 will probably be the highlight of the Nintendo 64. Because, it looks like this will be HAL's (publishers of the EarthBound series) last game until the N200X (Nintendo's upcoming system) comes out. So, to you Nintendo, HAL and others assosiated with the game, I say: "Take your time. Make this the best EarthBound game of the genre." Yes, it will be tough to wait for such a long time. But, just think of all the posibilities of EB 64.

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