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Whats Up with That? - by pogopunk

Whats Up with That?

i'm pretty sure everyone here has played earthbound, and if you havent, i have no idea why you're here. anyway, one of the most drawing points of eb is how, as nintendo power put it "quirky." i guess quirky is there way of saying vulgar, (farts?! unheard of in games!) bizarre, (do i have to give an example?) and of course, funny. now what IS up with that? why did nintendo, who's had a record of putting on happy cheery family games, decide to be innovative and release earthbound? who knows, and thats not what i'm here to talk about. what i am gonna talk about is what IS so great about earthbound. people are always running around and declaring "EB IS GREAT, EB IS LIFE! HUHUHUHH!" with little or no backing of why it is great. so here i am, running down the reasons i can think of. 1. graphics: i dont know why everyone is so against earthbound's graphics, they are perfectly fitting for the kind of game it is. and its not like they're UGLY, they are colourful and stuff. isn't that so exciting? 2. music: take a look at the fan music category. go on, look. see that? its' huge and filled with all this stuff. i will risk my little integrity and say that earthbound's music almost rivals final fantasy 6's. the tunes are just soo well composed, and very catchy, and not in that annoying backstreet boys catchy way. whoo. 3. fun: i'm tired of writing, this article isnt going as well as i hoped. in fact, i bet no one's reading this still, so i'll just wrap up. earthbound is a great game because it just has so many nuances and quirks that make it so fun to play. no one part is shining, its more like all of them combined make it real great. dont believe me? go play it and get back in the game and stuff. oh, and expect a better article next week.

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