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My Ramblings: A masterpiece of Sm.Net mastery - by SLing

My Ramblings: A masterpiece of Sm.Net mastery

A lot of people have never experienced true enlightenment when it comes to, because they have never experienced the best thing has to offer. In the entire history of, there has never been something as good as this. I mean, dude, theres good stuff, and then theres this piece of fan music that stands out from everything else. Of course, I'm talking about the most awesomest, funniest, supercalifragilistiest thing ever.

Yes, I'm talking about earthbound.wav, the best song ever created.

First of all, the vocals are awesome. In my entire life, I have never heard anyone sing better than ericbound, the artist behind this masterpiece. I have yet to hear someone able to pump out notes more masterfully than he can.

Next, I don't know about you, but the lyrics are a thing of beauty. The song starts off with "EARTH BOUND EARTH EARTH EARTH BOUND" and progresses from there, ending with an AWESOME Guitar solo. In the history of man, there have never been lyrics as awesome as this one. Every word is as if it's a part of a bigger thing, and when it all comes together in the end it leaves you feeling all 'warm and fuzzy' inside, for lack of a better expression.

Finally, the song ends abruptly, making you feel as if... there will be a sequel? Well, if there is a sequel, I'll sure download it and listen to it as much I listen to earthbound.wav.

So go download it, and make sure you listen to it often so you can get the full effect of this song.


...My god, I'm a moron.

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