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The New Mother Connection - by Steven Dodge

The New Mother Connection

Um, This is my first article so at least give me a little credit for all the work I had to do. I just had to say what I felt. Ok, I've heard a lot of nonsense about how Pokey can turn into Master Belch or Titanic Ant. My articles are not going to be like that. So if you like all that "hog wash", then stop reading here.

Now, in Earthbound Zero, Ness' Great Grandparents, George and Maria, are abducted by aliens. The leader of the aliens name was Giegue. For some reason, Maria cared for Giegue greatly, while George on the other hand, was too busy with the study of PSI. Somehow, George escaped from the clutches of the evil Giegue. Now, while they where abducted, they conceived a child, Ness' Grandfather. He was born with PSI (I am not totally sure about this). To make a brief point, whatever George used to give his baby powers, Giegue used on starmen. This might be how the starmen were able to use PSI.

George escaped, with the baby, back to Earth. Maria must have had something to do with this sense Giegue was so outraged. He probably made Magicant and banished Maria there. Now, time passed and Ness' Dad was born. It grew up and married a women, Ness' Mom, and then had children. Ness' Dad was a very busy man and went on a lot of business trips, so Ness and family never really got to see him that much. When Ness is about 10, A doll came alive, but Ness destroyed it. He heard a strange melody. Ness' Dad called soon after and reported that he had strong PSI powers.

Ness collected all the melody's from all over the world and then destroyed Giegue. He went home to his family. Soon after his dad called to warn him about something (Giygas). About three years later they moved to Onett, a peaceful place in Eagleland. Without warning, a meteorite struck very close to his house. By then he forgot how to use his PSI powers. When him and his enemy, Pokey, went to the landing site, they encountered an alien named Buzz Buzz. he came from ten years into the future where all was devastation. Now, this takeover did not occur on Earth, yet. It took place on wherever Buzz Buzz is from. He said that he is the chosen one.

Before he died, he gave Ness the sound stone. Ness traveled the world and found three companions; Paula, Jeff, and Poo. These characters are brand new, not the ones from the previous game. Ness and Co. found all the melodies around the world, went back in time, and then destroyed Giygas & Pokey. I am pretty sure that Giygas was Giegue's sidekick. Giygas is not Giegue because Giegue was destroyed in the previous game. The world pretty much was in peace after that. Except that Pokey got away during the battle. At the end of the game Ness gets a letter from Pokey saying that he will seek revenge. It also said spankety spankety spankety, but that is not the point.

This is just a nice little thing to think about. I would appreciate a lot of feedback anytime.

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Steven Dodge The New Mother Connection
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