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EarthBound's Popularity - by Striker 164

EarthBound's Popularity

When EarthBound came out I couldn't wait to buy it at the stores. But I couldn't get enough money so, I had to settle for Christmas. I finally got it and played it for weeks straight, while other people I talked to had no idea what it was. I kept telling them it was the best game in the world. But they didn't ever play it. Now 4 years later I finally took the time to find out why it wasn't known by a lot of people. I talked to a lot of people online and the results were sad.

3 people said they had played it, here is one of the conversations:

Striker164: Have you ever played EarthBound for the Super Nintendo

Person 1: once, a long time ago

Striker164: did you like it

Person 1: yeah, it was fun...and very unique

Striker164: thanks for your time

Striker164: bye

12 said no, another example:

Striker164: Have you ever played EarthBound for the Super Nintendo?

Person 2: nope - sorry

Striker164: have you ever owned an Super Nintendo

Person 2: yes

Striker164: why haven't you played EarthBound

Person 2: it looked bad in ads, but only because of the smell thing

Striker164: thanks for your time

Person 2: yup

Striker164: bye

Person 2: c-ya

Strangely enough 9 people said they didn't own a SNES, but that has no effect on this report.

Most people I talked to said they never heard of EarthBound or said the ads were bad. The only ads I know of are the $10 of the purchase of EarthBound in Nintendo Power and also the smelly ads.

I sent Nintendo an e-mail about the ads, here take a look:

From: Nintendo Nintendo To: Striker 164 Subject: Re: EarthBound Advertisements


We released EarthBound for the Super NES in 1995. We don't have the records at our Consumer Service Department on all the types of advertising used. I do know we used mailers to our Nintendo Power subscribers and there was a terrific offer for a free smelly prize. You can not believe how many sent in for their very own "smelly pizza." In fact, a year after release we were still sending out the smelly prize.

Nintendo of America Inc.

The people that said yes liked it because it was unique and it didn't rely on swords and the characters weren't supernatural and weren�t 20 year old people. I liked it because it was based around now and not thousands of years ago, it was also great how it used humor and wasn't a stick to just the shoreline type of game.

I hope this report clears up a lot of wondering why EarthBound isn't talked about by everyone, well almost everyone.

Thanks for your time!!!!

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Striker 164 EarthBound's Popularity
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