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Hey, I said that? - by SimonBob

Hey, I said that?

A few of the more observant folk should notice that I've taken a more active part in the IF board again, just as I said I would in the article "Decline." What's really surprising is that I remembered it was in the article "Decline." How many of you remember what you've said in your articles?

Let's see, articles, articles.. ah, here's my "Short Article," submitted before articles had to be longer than forum posts. "It's really lame to pretend to be someone else. Be yourself. Peace." Excellent advice. I can't honestly believe I'd say stuff like that nowadays.

Hmm, my "Authority" article.. well, most of these rules still apply, but the personal comments directed at myself seem to have changed for the better. Always good to improve upon oneself, eh?

Several amusing articles, which still nonetheless bring up good points about first saves, satellite-spitting, and handcuffs. A few controversial articles, full of communistic auras built on fundamental separation-level not-problems. Some storytelling of good times and bad, and a couple biographical articles about nearly famous people.

I think you can tell a lot about someone by what kind of articles they write; but even more importantly, you can see how they were like. No, that's not grammatically correct, but it is true. Read the Zeth Manifesto or the stuff from F4lx0r's Corner; you'll see that there's a nice, chronological feel to it, showing descents into madness, risings of new stars, amazing roller-coaster rides of controversial figures, and the occasional straight line of boring people. An article does not merely point to the future, it also links to the past.

Unfortunately, all this "linking to the past" stuff is a little annoying for the writers. Thinking "I said that?" or "Woah, I was hardcore back then" can cause an identity crisis, which in turn gives us problems with people who suddenly want to get back to the old-skool style. My personal promise to myself is that I'll remember the past but not reach back for it; but, to requote one of the things I said in an old article and still hold true, "To each their own."

Do future n00bs a favour. Write an article today.

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