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The Sound of EB Music - by sTiNkY_gHoSt

The Sound of EB Music

Sorry to be away for so long...I had to leave, even before I accomplished what I set out to do...which was try to become a part of the universe, its family, its community. But now I'm back,I have bought a new comp, and I think I'm ready to begin my quest anew...

So, now, as sTiNkY_gHoSt yet again, I write to express my feeling toward EarthBound. I sat here forever to think of what to write, what to say...but it all seemed lost in a haze...then, I suddenly realized where this haze was coming from. I looked down to my Winamp (which, by the way, is sporting the Ghost Of Starman skin) to see that i was listening to "robots in the past", and that I have been for several hours now. Then I knew what I had to say.

Everyone tries to pick the game apart, to see inside of it, to find their favorite thing about it. I've always known mine, and I've cherished it, and also, with the help of this gracious site, been able to bring it to my fingertips. The MUSIC. For if I ever remember anything about this game until the day I die, it will be the music.

When I first started to play this game, its soundtrack was what immediately jumped out at me. Simple as it is, it contains some sort of ambience that I strive to capture in my everyday life. Playful, sad, sometimes haunting, nostalgic...I would not hesitate to say that this is quite frankly the best soundtrack to anything I've ever heard(or ever will hear for that matter). The music is what brought me into the story, keep me flowing along with the plot, and, most inportantly, pulled me to feel what Ness and company were feeling throughout their journey. I could never have enjoyed this game as much as I did without it.

As I sit here, I wonder where things will go. I'm thinking of making some of my own fan songs using samples of EB songs and sound effects, so if anyone knows where i can get a good mixing program please let me know. But one thing is for certain - with this simple ballad, robots of the past, and myself included, will emulate Ness, and courageously step toward our destinies...

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