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In response to Flaws of EarthBound - by STAREYe

In response to Flaws of EarthBound

By Hello, I need writing practice, and what better way than with an article? I am going to make my protest against Stepinitch's "Flaws of EarthBound" article. So you may want to read his article here first, if you haven't already.

1. Starting with the sharks, the only time they attack you is when you go near the arcade, and other than that guy in the orange clothes and his clone, who appear to be non-violent members of the sharks, there are no people there. Why? Probably there have been attacks, and the people of Onett (even though they can't must the intelligence to think of something new to say after you speak to them several times,) are smart enough to stay away from the arcade. Moving on to other enemies, if you visit your local hospital, you will here all sorts of stories of attacks from the resident terrors running around town, such as "I was SMAAAASHED by a mouse!", "I'm stronger than a zombie, but a bunch of them ganged up on me!", and other such things. Also, if you go to the Twoson hotel, a person there will have a mushroom on his head, indicating he was attacked by a ramblin' evil mushroom.

2. First, I would like to point out that Stepinitch said "I cannot recall a time in Earthbound when it was night." Well let me point out a few to you. The beginning of the game, when you catch the zombies in Threed (although it's dark there the whole time), in Moonside ("Here in Moonside its always the middle of the night!"), the whole time you are in the Lost Underworld is unproven, as you are under ground, and when you return to Onett to get the Zexonite it is night also. Then there is the fact that Ness goes through enough caves to possibly get through nighttime without you noticing. And the last thing I can say about that, is that every game of that time was like that, so its less an "EarthBound flaw", and more a "SNES flaw".

3. Think about the fact that Giygas controls the Earth ten years in the future, then the fact that you go back in time to fight Giygas. Does this possibly indicate that Giygas has mastered time travel? I don't understand why Giygas didn't go to the time of the beginning of Ness's adventure and squash him, but perhaps it was because he was "An all mighty idiot!" as Pokey says. Also, Stepinitch asked "So if you slept enough days for 10 years to go by would Giygas control the world?", but he also tried to prove from the unchanging headlines that sleeping doesn't make time go by. Just something to think about.

There, that's it. I may make a protest to "More Flaws of EarthBound", or I may not. We'll see. Oh and Stepinitch, I in no way mean to criticize your article, it was pretty good. I just enjoy arguing. Plus it keeps Pappy happy and helps keep the article section alive. Thank you, and farewell.

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