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The Masked Kid - by Teradoc

The Masked Kid

Who is he? You see him in several towns, one of the most memorabale is Happy Happy Village. He gives you the hint that he and Pokey helped capture Paula and brought her to a house beyond the cave. But who is he? A follower of Giygas? Perhaps just some run of the mill character created by Itoi?

I think not. I think it's really Pickey. That the whole family is part of Giygas. Think about it... WHO killed Buzz Buzz? The mother! I think Pickey might've been the only one there who resisted strongly enough.... That he knew of his father's idea of taking over the world, and knew of Buzz Buzz, thus running away to the Meteorite.

And then you see him at several other locations. He tells you of Threed being infested with Ghosts. He sells you the For Sale Sign, which is quite useful if carried around. I think maybe Pokey and his dad planned on conquering the world long ago, only Pickey tried to get help, which is why Pokey and his dad had to set their plan in motion immediately. What do you think?

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