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Lacking Flare and Spice? - by PickyPokey

Lacking Flare and Spice?

We've all seen the screen shots of "Earthbound 64" and have been impressed by them, right? They seem to portray Ness' world realistically with dynamic lighting and the sort, but have you ever thought if that graphic style was suitable for the Earthbound series? Well, if you think about it, you might wonder if it is...

The Earthbound series has seemed to present a sort of an emotional flare to it, presenting humor and senses to the gamer. The "aromas" and humor of the game were presented fairly well in Earthbound for the SNES, but not well enough.

Since the first screen shot Nintendo has presented of the 64-bit incarnation, a realistic approach has been taken graphically. No "aromas" are present, and the game seems to lack a humorous nature. Should an alternate approach have been taken when designing the sequel? Well, if it would have been a bit more arty and "free," the game could have conveyed emotions a bit more decently than is currently being done. Don't mistake this for bashing the game, but merely an overview to what could have been done.

Miyamoto is currently working with a similar dilemma in Super Mario RPG 2. Though I believe his graphical approach is a complete joke thus far, you get a slight idea how the graphics can present the mood of things. Also, take a glance at Yoshi's Island, which gleefully presents an arty approach. "Earthbound 64" could have used a taste of this to present emotions and senses, but we'll have to play the actual final product to determine this...

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