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EarthBound 64...Hush Hush - by PickyPokey

EarthBound 64...Hush Hush

Since the initial start on the 64-bit incarnation for the Earthbound series, the whole thing has been "hush hush." From the screen shots shown thus far, it appears that the game has come a long way and appears done... Well, we have be lacking an actual video clip of the game, and the complete project has been under wraps facing many delays and setbacks for it's release date. What have they been up to all these years! The game needs to be released sometime...

The game has jumped from the 64DD format as originally planned, and has been decided to be released on a cart format as noted by Nintendo. the meantime these past few years we've been left in the cold wondering how the game is coming along and if the game is actually going to be released. There can't be that much more to do if they seem to have the whole game concept complete and the game is graphically "clean." Hey, Zelda's 64-bit sequel has even been released in the time it has taken for "Earthbound 64" to be finished!

The game could possibly be under major construction though, since the game no longer has all the free space that it formally had under the 64DD format. It's even been heard that the original team working on the game has since broken up and alternates have been working on it. Implanting the real time clock could be a possible problem, or the story line, or possibly determining which system to release it on...Project Dolpin is on the horizon. Where was "Earthbound 64" at E3? The game has been in development for years, and still no major work is being presented on it. It's leaving us all to worry what's going on with the game. Others are frantically worrying if their favorite series will have a sequel on the N64...

You would expect that a game which has been worked on for years would have a major presence at a large gaming expo, but instead it has remained in the shadows, and even has been given a release date in early 2000. Sad, really it is.

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