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The main page, a center of inactivity - by Fobbio

The main page, a center of inactivity

I have been a member of the community since 1999 in that time I have seen a lot happen at the site and I am pleased with most of the things that go on. We have diligent moderators on the forums and everyone looks out for each other for the most part. However I see a growing trend that has occurred for the past few months. The only problem with the site as I see it are staff updates. I remember years ago when we would see five or more updates a day! However the growing trend seems to say "I'll update next week some time" or some such thing. Please don't misunderstand me. I understand that school is almost over for most of us and finals are a big worry! I also understand that for things like Flukes and Articles the community has also not been contributing as much as I think we can.

With that said I hope to see a greater output from the community! It's not hard to write an article and sent it to Pappy or draw something for Jonk. Try it! Send a fluke to Wampa! You'll feel good! New visitors to the site: I would hope to see a great deal more in the coming months! Many of you are capable of great things and I would love to see a greater participation in the days ahead.

The other side of the spectrum lies with the staffers. I understand they too are busy with school. But for things like Hard Trivia that don't rely fully on community input I would like to see more updates. Reid once said "The returning audience to the site is almost always directly proportial to the updates we have on the site" With this said I hope that staffers will refocus their efforts. In the latest Letterage Reid mentioned to have a partner system. I think this could work quite well! Partners are easier to coax the other into getting some work done, and if the workload is excessive two people would be able to get it done more easily. The other side is, if you don't like the position or feel overwhelmed why not let someone else take it over for you. This will reduce stress and will help updates become more fluid. If need be follow GuyInSummers' approach. A good staffer knows when to admit the workload is too much.

With the news of Mother 1, 2 and 3 making an appearance on the GBA I would think that the community would be excited! I had thought that a flow of updates would be constant with the emerging news! Things can be better in the coming months with summer approaching! I encourage everyone to try harder at making things better in the community. This will make you feel better and will encourage new visitors to do the same.

In closing let me say I did not mean this as an attack in any way. Consider it a friendly punch in the arm to get you going. I was not referring to anyone individually. Most of the staffers are hard workers and to them I say Thank You. I would like to return to the bustling hub it once was. With that I bid you a good day!

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